My great uncle moved to Chico and opened Shubert’s in 1938 and we’ve kept it running strong for 80 years!

I was raised making ice cream right here in Downtown Chico at 178 E. 7th Street. I’m a product of this great community and our ice cream is a product of this great community. It’s been said you can taste the magic of Chico in Shubert’s Ice Cream.

Sadly, our special community is in jeopardy. I remember the days when I could safely ride my bike across town. I remember the days when downtown was a clean, safe, fun place for families. Today at our storefront we fight vagrancy, illegal activity, and problems with individuals intent to destroy the fabric of our beloved little City.

This is why I have decided to run for Chico City Council.

The current Council has made substantial progress on a number of issues these past four years. We are no longer on the brink of bankruptcy. The majority of councilmembers support the police department and have prioritized budget funding to hire more officers. And plans for a Community Court and consolidated services center have been initiated.

But do not be mistaken — a change in the council would result in rolling out the red carpet to service resistant vagrants that prey on our good nature, compassion, and open spaces.

I am running for City Council because I do not want Chico to return to the financial dark ages with a police department that is discouraged from making contact with vagrants.

The future of our magical city will be determined this November. Together, we can and will win!

I very much appreciate your support and consideration.

Kasey Reynolds
Candidate for Chico City Council