Kasey’s Recipe for a Sweet & Safe Chico

Address Crime in Chico – Enforce the anti-camping ordinance to the full extent that the settlement agreement allows. Ensure that all laws are enforced equally to the residents of Chico. Fully fund the Chico Police Department to enforce quality of life crimes.

Supporting Homeless Solutions – Consolidate services for the homeless in Chico to ensure the Cities mission statement is met. Services should be offered to individuals suffering from addiction and mental health issues. However, criminal behavior should not be tolerated. I will support ordinances that make it uncomfortable to live in our public spaces and prey on the generosity of our community.

Vision Looking Forward – Continue to build on the progress that has been made over the last four years in addressing homelessness and supporting local business. Support housing in Chico to bring down costs and build out infrastructure across the city. Prevent future unsanctioned camping on city property to preserve quality of life and address fire concerns.