“Just a few short years ago, Chico was facing a multi-million dollar budget deficit and the city government was floundering. Kasey has the vision and experience necessary to keep the council on the right track and prevent us from stumbling back down the path towards bankruptcy. Shubert’s has been a bedrock local small business in our community for generations. I have endorsed Kasey Reynolds because I know that she will bring the same unwavering commitment to the city that she has already proven to provide in their successful family business.” – Sean Morgan, Mayor of Chico

“Kasey has the unique ability to bridge the political divide in Chico and deliver results.” – Kevin Jara

“Progress in Chico is stalled. Kasey Reynolds is the creative collaborator we so desperately need to solve the housing crisis.” – Peggy Mead

“The city budget is still recovering from bad decisions made by past council members. I trust that Kasey Reynolds will be responsible with your tax dollars and force the city to live within its means. She has my unwavering support.” – Mark Sorensen, Chico Councilmember

“Kasey will listen and bring a new perspective to the city council. I trust she will bring cost-effective solutions to the table.” – Jodi De Boom Drysdale

“Kasey understands that the arts are a key factor to economic development. That’s why she has my vote for city council.” – Melanie Bassett