My great uncle moved to Chico and opened Shubert’s in 1938 and we’ve kept it running strong for 80 years!

I was raised making ice cream right here in Downtown Chico at 178 E. 7th Street. I’m a product of this great community and our ice cream is a product of this great community. It’s been said you can taste the magic of Chico in Shubert’s Ice Cream.

The last four years I have spent on the Chico City Council have been eventful to say the least. I continue to support building housing, addressing quality of life crimes, and cleaning up our public spaces. As Vice Mayor I have made fully funding our police department a top priority in order to enforce the initiatives that address the homeless crisis impacting our community.

The current Council has made substantial progress on a number of issues these past two years. We have consolidated homeless services and continue to work on creative solutions to address homelessness around the city.

Do not be fooled by the homeless enablers who continue to push for allowing camping in our public right of ways. The current council is continuing to undo the damage the former progressive majority created by sanctioning legal camping in our public spaces.

I am running for re-election because Chico is finally on the path to restoring our common values of a clean and safe community. The work is not done and I know that I will continue to push for tangible results on addressing quality of life issues in Chico.

Your continued support will keep Chico moving in the right direction this November. Together, we can and will win!

I very much appreciate your support and consideration.

Kasey Reynolds
Candidate for Chico City Council